Company Culture Package

Our Company Culture Package is here to help you develop the company culture that you’ve always wanted for your dealership.

How it Works

Our Company Culture Package puts the focus on the current environment that exists within your company today and will provide you solutions to improve it.

Investing 10 hours of your time over 12 weeks will give you insight into your current team alignment, how to become more productive as a team, ways to build trust through intentional communication and how to effectively handle conflicts within your dealership. Below is a list of the deliverables you will receive as part of the Company Culture Package. Click each one to learn more!


Organizational Cultural Credit Report

Gain an understanding of where your culture stands today is vitally important to creating the culture of your dreams. This report is tailored specifically for your organization using information gathered from each employee on your team.

3 Hour Workshop

This workshop is designed for all employees to explain the concept of Mischief and how little things in miscommunication can cause large problems for a business. Each team member will walk away with a better understanding of how everyone impacts the overall culture of your organization.

Culture Enhancement Action Plan

This custom action plan will guide your leadership team in ways to improve your culture. Our consultant will work through this action plan with your leadership team.

Consulting Team

Pricing to vary based on number of employees. Email [email protected] for exact pricing.

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