3 Elements of Lot Security

Written by Eric Petersen

Any dealership that has suffered a loss on their lot, whether that is from theft, an accident or weather event, knows how disruptive and expensive that unexpected event was for their company. Unfortunately, the true cost of a lot incident is not easily calculated and because of that, many dealerships do not take a proactive approach to reduce the likelihood and severity of the incident.

At DealeRisk, we believe there are 3 core elements of lot security that you should be focusing on. 

1. Physical Lot – Obviously, how you manage your physical lot is the best way to minimize a disruption to your business from a lot incident and the element that most dealerships do very well. This includes installing perimeter fencing with locking gates around your inventory, having security cameras and lot lighting as well as practicing good lot housekeeping with vegetation and the lot surface.

2. Anti-Theft – In addition to the physical lot security items mentioned above, many dealerships employ additional anti-theft protocols to reduce the chance of theft on their lot. There are many different types of anti-theft devices that a dealership can choose from and often a dealership may use more than one of these to properly secure their inventory. From individual unit tags, to specific catalytic converter anti-theft devices, your obvious goal should be to make it as difficult as possible for someone to steal any of your units. Don’t forget about parts on units as well, spare tires, LP tanks, TV’s all are items that thieves steal out of dealership lots across the country. Lastly, make sure you have a locked key cabinet with restricted access to it so the keys of a unit don’t end up in the wrong hands.

    3. Risk Management Policies – Most dealership owners would agree that written policies are a cornerstone for a successful dealership, yet many times written policies regarding lot security are neglected. We suggest having the following written risk management policies in place for your dealership. 

    • Key Control Policy
    • Service Drop Policy
    • Test Drive Policy
    • Remote Inventory Security Policy
    • Severe Weather Policy
    • Driver Management Policies
    • Driver Training
    • Driver Testing
      • Driving Record Guidelines and Review

     Focusing on all three of these elements will drastically reduce the chances of a lot security issue disrupting your dealership. If you are struggling on any of these items, reach out to a DealeRisk team member today and sign up for our Lot Security and Safety Thrive Package to work one-on-one with our team.